KauPlay is Karlstad University’s media platform for distribution of video and audio.

University staff can publish video and audio via KauPlay on, for example, the learning platform or other websites. You can upload different types of media files. The system accepts most standard formats for video and audio. Uploaded or recorded files can be processed in different ways:

  • Make screen recordings using Kaltura Capture
  • Create playlists for easy publication
  • Add meta data and tags
  • Make basic edits by, for example, adjusting the start and end of a video
  • Create video clips so that you easily can publish one individual section of a longer video
  • Share your media files with others

Who has access to the material?

The login to KauPlay is personal via SSO (KauID). Material that you upload or record cannot be viewed or used by others unless you choose to share the material openly via a subject category or channel. Files that are uploaded or recorded in KauPlay are by default inaccessible to others.

More information

More information about KauPlay and staff guides are available on the university’s intranet:

Länk till information om KauPlay