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Index över social sårbarhet för klimatrelaterade risker i Sverige

Det här projektet som genomförts på risk- och miljöstudier, Karlstads universitet, under tiden 18 september till 31 december 2020 har haft den övergripande…

From  Jan Haas on 19-Apr-2021 9:34 CEST 0 plays

Exponential Climate Action - Republica

The world is at the verge of crossing dangerous climate tipping points, like completely losing summer ice in the Arctic Sea and slowing or completely shutting down the Gulf Stream. Risks of crossing…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 19-Mar-2021 15:04 CET 0 plays

Climate Action at Forshaga and Munkfors Municipalities with Business Playbook

From  Avit Bhowmik on 28-Jan-2021 12:54 CET 8 plays

Research seminar 1 - 2021 - Risk management through a complexity lens

From  Avit Bhowmik on 19-Jan-2021 21:14 CET 1 plays

Lesson 2 - 2020

#Lesson2 from 2020: "Adopt a #PlanetDasedDiet". There is no way around rethinking our diet, if we want to stand any chance of achieving the goals of the #parisagreeement and of avoiding…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 4-Jan-2021 12:14 CET 10 plays

Lesson 1 2020

Here comes #lesson 1 from 2020: "Abrupt and rapid sustainability transformation is possible!" We have seen many (deliberate) transformative changes in 2020 that were previously thought as…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 1-Jan-2021 15:45 CET 12 plays

Lessons from 2020 - Intro

Ready to erase 2020 from your diary? Hold on a second, what about the important lessons we learned from this year? Particularly about how we can capitalise on the COVID-19 crisis to navigate our…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 30-Dec-2020 21:16 CET 17 plays

Flight shaming

In the "Local World" program on 14 August 2020, Jenny Devitt looks at the environmental and climate impacts of all transports – planes, cars, trains and bikes. Avit Bhowmik elaborates…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 20-Aug-2020 20:39 CEST 0 plays

Powers of 10

From  Avit Bhowmik on 23-Jun-2020 15:08 CEST 97 plays

Six interventions to fight climate change

Ground breaking research co-authored by Avit Bhowmik published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences presents six interventions that can rapidly transform societies for climate…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 9-Mar-2020 14:07 CET 18 plays

Stay on the ground

Internalizing climate education, political and societal incentives are instrumental to reduce flying – new research finds.

From  Avit Bhowmik on 3-Mar-2020 22:43 CET 54 plays

Avit Bhowmik on Exponential Climate Action Roadmap

While the devastating impacts of global warming are getting more and more prominent across global societies, 197 nations forged the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 19-Nov-2019 16:36 CET 90 plays