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Lesson 2 - 2020

#Lesson2 from 2020: "Adopt a #PlanetDasedDiet". There is no way around rethinking our diet, if we want to stand any chance of achieving the goals of the #parisagreeement and of avoiding…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 4-Jan-2021 12:14 CET 10 plays

Lesson 1 2020

Here comes #lesson 1 from 2020: "Abrupt and rapid sustainability transformation is possible!" We have seen many (deliberate) transformative changes in 2020 that were previously thought as…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 1-Jan-2021 15:45 CET 12 plays

Lessons from 2020 - Intro

Ready to erase 2020 from your diary? Hold on a second, what about the important lessons we learned from this year? Particularly about how we can capitalise on the COVID-19 crisis to navigate our…

From  Avit Bhowmik on 30-Dec-2020 21:16 CET 17 plays