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Exponential Climate Action - Republica

The world is at the verge of crossing dangerous climate tipping points, like completely losing summer ice in the Arctic Sea and slowing or completely shutting down the Gulf Stream. Risks of crossing…

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Lesson 2 - 2020

#Lesson2 from 2020: "Adopt a #PlanetDasedDiet". There is no way around rethinking our diet, if we want to stand any chance of achieving the goals of the #parisagreeement and of avoiding…

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Lesson 1 2020

Here comes #lesson 1 from 2020: "Abrupt and rapid sustainability transformation is possible!" We have seen many (deliberate) transformative changes in 2020 that were previously thought as…

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Lessons from 2020 - Intro

Ready to erase 2020 from your diary? Hold on a second, what about the important lessons we learned from this year? Particularly about how we can capitalise on the COVID-19 crisis to navigate our…

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Experiences in the forest. English version

Interviews with researchers Eugenio Conti and Susanna Heldt Cassel, both at Dalarna University, Sweden. The film was produced for the Interreg-project Ingoskog.

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Quadruple helix - the role of civil society in the regional innovation system. An interview with researcher Ida Grundel, CRS, Karlstad University

Business, academia, the public sector and civil society all need to work together to make a transition to a sustainable society possible. Researcher Ida Grundel, Center for research on sustainable…

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The Role of Civil Society in the Sustainable Transition. Interview with researcher Marie Nordfeldt, CRS, Karlstad University

Center for research on sustainable societal transformation, CRS, Karlstad University.

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Powers of 10

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